Image of a Rwandan genocide survivor and witness 'x'

Rwandan Genocide Survivor and Witness 'X' - Click the image to read a special feature on Désiré Munyaneza

CLAIHR is an organization that has been raising awareness and promoting human rights within Canada and abroad for over 18 years. We have a proud history and we are now looking to our future with renewed enthusiasm. CLAIHR is increasing its collaboration with advocates in other sectors to increase education and awareness of emerging international human rights issues. This approach will allow us to have a direct impact on policy and law making and also will allow us to reach a broader audience in Canada in the area of human rights in order to help Canada re-gain its position as a frontrunner for this important issue. We are happy to present our new website with a bold new look and improved features to engage, inform and collaborate. Over the coming months we will expand our online offerings to include social media collaboration and segments for our most popular types of visitors. We are always looking for interested lawyers, law students and legal academics and other people interested in promoting respect for international human rights to help us be most effective and make a difference in the goal of supporting international human rights at home and abroad. We will be involved in a number of exciting events this year, so please return to this site for the most current updates.