CLAIHR works with law students in a variety of capacities. Law school student volunteers, most recently through partnerships with Pro Bono Students Canada, have greatly assisted CLAIHR in fulfilling its mandate.

CLAIHR student chapters enable law students to explore international human rights issues on campus. Student chapters support and promote CLAIHR, and promote awareness and dialogue on international human rights issues. They organize a variety of events to showcase a diverse range of human rights issues as they pertain to law.

For information regarding the CLAIHR-Osgoode or CLAIHR-Ottawa chapter, please email:

Legal Interns

CLAIHR also occasionally works with student interns who give their time to support the organization’s programming. CLAIHR is a volunteer-run organization and we are deeply grateful for the valuable contributions of our legal interns who help make our advocacy possible. Past legal interns have included:

2020 – Rene Kimmett, University of Victoria

2019 – Caitlin Leach, Osgoode Hall Law School