Ahrum Lee – Events Coordinator. Ahrum is a second year student in the Common Law program. She previously obtained a Bachelor of Arts in International Development Studies from McGill University in Montréal. Prior to law school, Ahrum worked at the Canadian and Korean Red Cross and participated in the Canadian International Development Agency Internship supporting a primary education development project in Cameroon. Last summer, she participated in the Case Matrix Network fellowship based at the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights and is currently interning at the Canadian Partners to the International Criminal Court Legal Tools Project.

Andrew Coleman – President (incumbent). Andrew is a second-year JD candidate at the University of Ottawa and the sitting President of the University of Ottawa Chapter of Canadian Lawyers for International Human Rights. His academic credentials include a BA in Philosophy from the McGill University and an MA in Conflict Studies from the Saint Paul’s University. Andrew has work experience with professors in both his MA and JD, at the Department of Justice (Canada), and at International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect (NYC, USA). He currently balances his time outside of school interning for the International Legal Tools Project and working as the Project Office for Genocide Prevention and Human Rights at the Office of the Hon. Sen. Roméo Dallaire.

Ella Aisaseh – Communications Officer/ Secretary. Ella Aiaseh is currently a second-year JD student at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of law. Ella joined CLAIHR in her first year as a volunteer and is proud to serve as a communication officer in her second year. She immigrated to Canada from Iran at the age of 16 and hence, protection of international human rights is more than a mere interest to her. Having witnessed many instances of human rights abuse first hand, fighting for women’s rights and battling crimes against humanity are a personal cause for Ella. Through her work at CLAIHR, she hopes to be able to contribute to the promotion of freedom- free democracies, free societies, and free individuals.

Eric C Girard – First Year Representative. Eric received his honours undergraduate degree from the University of Western Ontario with majors in Social Justice and History. Eric then continued his studies at McGill University where he studied the development of armed actors in El Salvador, Colombia, and Peru in the 1980s. After completing his Master’s degree, he continued working in Latin America, covering the post coup elections in Honduras, and the relationship between human rights and the extractive sector in Colombia. Eric has also worked and volunteered with development projects in Ukraine and in Peru, and is currently studying common law at the University of Ottawa.

Jennifer Boyczuk – First Year Representative. Jennifer Boyczuk is a first year student in the joint Juris Doctor/Masters of Arts in International Affairs Program at the University of Ottawa and NPSIA, respectively. She has completed a degree in International Relations and Peace and Conflict Studies. Jennifer has a particular interest in the formation of justice institutions in post-conflict settings as a measure to protect human rights. She interned with a peacebuilding think tank, the Mosaic Institute, in Toronto and has experience volunteering abroad. She is excited about her participation in CLAIHR as a way to become involved with like-minded colleagues who can work together to promote and protect human rights globally.

Joelle Lecours-Bouchard – First Year Representative. Joëlle is in her first year of law as part of the “Programme de droit canadien”at the University of Ottawa. She previously studied at York University’s Glendon College and graduated with a First Class Honours iBA in political science. She has developed a particular interest for human rights law through her involvement with seniors’ and Aboriginal rights, Model United Nations and through her exchange to the University of Leeds. She is thrilled to be part of CLAIHR and cannot wait to gain more experience through upcoming internships and pursue work in the area of human rights.

Karen Heath – First Year Representative. Karen is a first year law student in the English Common Law program at the University of Ottawa. She is passionate about helping others, particularly those who are marginalized. Karen is working towards becoming a legal expert on human rights and children’s rights in developing countries and conflict zones.

Morna Boyle – Events Coordinator. Morna is a second year Common Law student who is interested in Aboriginal law and international human rights, with a particular focus on gender equality. Before attending law school, Morna worked on development initiatives in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Mexico and Cambodia, on various issues such as women’s rights, livelihood building, disaster preparedness and workers’ collective bargaining rights.

Phil Chambers – Civil Law/National program Rep. Phil is in the civil/common law Programme de droit canadien. From Toronto, he studied economics and politics at Queen’s University and the London School of Economics. Phil subsequently worked in government and banking; speaks English, French, Spanish and Arabic, and in his spare time enjoys running, biking and international affairs.

Salma El-Khodari – Treasurer. Salma graduated from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Social Science in Sociology and a minor in Business Law. She is interested in International Humanitarian Law, and International and Domestic Human Rights Law. In June 2010, Salma completed the International Public Law Program at Queen’s University’s Bader International Study Centre in Herstmonceux, England. She joined CLAIHR in 2010 and has been working at enhancing the club’s ability to finance its events since. Salma believes that Human Rights plays a role in all parts of the law and constantly prompts Human Rights through her volunteer and extra-curricula activities.


2009-2010 Executive

Freda Carmack – President. Freda is a second year student in the Joint LL.B./J.D. program. Having earned her undergraduate degree in Political Science, she retains a strong interest in War and Conflict studies and the impact of war on the individual. She is the co-founder of the Daughters of Vietnam Veterans, a support group for the children of servicemen, and she joined CLAIHR as an additional way to satisfy her interest in international human rights.

Teresa Mateus – Treasurer – Teresa is a second year student in the Common Law program. She got involved with CLAIHR to meet new people and learn about ways to get involved in human rights at a community level. Ideally, she would like to specialize in international law and use her degree to benefit others.

Natalia Werhun – Secretary – Natalia is a second year law student in the Common Law program. Her areas of interest in law include international human rights law and immigration/refugee law. She has co-authored an article entitled “Realism, Cosmology and Small Arms: Beyond Theory in Arms Control,” and has been selected as a Dean’s Research and Writing Fellow at the Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa.

Meredith MacDonald – English Public Relations Officer – Meredith is a third year Common Law student. She is interested in many different areas of law including international human rights law, international law, and business corporate and trade law. She became more interested in the area of international human rights law after a volunteer trip she took to Cuernavaca, Mexico, during her undergraduate degree. She also recently participated in an internship with the Federal Department of Justice in their Human Rights Law section.

Alycia Shaw – Development Officer – Alycia is a second year student in the Common Law program and she is interested in international human rights law and labour law. She has been a member of Amnesty International for several years, and she hopes to pursue work in the area of human rights

Lester Ramirez – Internal Communication Officer – As a former Salvadoran national, Lester has witnessed first hand the depravities one experiences when governments refuse to acknowledge Human Rights, or worse, when they blatantly violate them. From these past experiences sprang his devotion to ensuring that he would contribute, both professionally and personally, to the promotion and diffusion of Human Rights discourse. As a member of CLAIHR, be is hoping to continue to meet this objective.

Amelie Larocque – National Program Representative – Amelie is working at the Human Rights Research and Education Centre of the University of Ottawa. Last January, she had an internship with the Romanian National Council for Refugees. She developed an interest for human rights law through her research on different humanitarian issues, and she is also interested in several international law areas. This coming January, she will work on the CARICOM-Canada agreement in international trade law in Barbados.

Anne-Marie Guindon – French Public Relations Officer – Anne-Marie is a second year law student in the Common Law program. She is interested in international law, and more specifically international human rights and international business. This is her first time participating in a human rights group or project.

Christie Conway – First Year Representative – Christie is in her first year of law school. She is interested in immigration law, refugee law and advocacy for women and girls who have been the victims of violence. Over the past year, she has worked closely with newcomer families in Halifax and she plans to continue that work in Ottawa.

Agnieszka J. Sulikowska – First Year Representative – Agnieszka is a first year student. She is interested in human rights law and international law despite her post-secondary work in business when she earned a Bachelor of Management degree and an Asia-Pacific Management diploma. From living and working overseas, traveling extensively to over 20 countries, and volunteering with local and international organizations, Agnieszka acquired a practical background that supports her interest in international law and human rights. She hopes to pursue these areas of law in the future.

Sinziana Gutiu – First Year Representative – Sinzi is a first year student in the Common Law program. She is interested in the interaction between Intellectual Property and Human Rights issues in the International Law field. She assisted with publications on the International Criminal Court, violence against women and law reform in Sudan.

Sharan Dhami – First Year Representative – Sharan is a first year student in the Common Law program. She has always had an interest in international human rights, having grown up in India and observing the life around her. During her undergraduate career, she was involved with several student groups (including FAIR and Engineers Without Borders) and she has completed projects on Rwanda, Haiti, and the AIDS pandemic in South Africa and India. In May 2008, she traveled to South Africa and created and implemented the Golden Future program with ten colleagues from different academic backgrounds. The project has an overall aim to help foster and promote sustainable change in Cape Town along with increasing social responsibility and awareness.

2008-2009 Executive

Sophie Zahariadakis, President

2007-2008 Executive

Indira Stewart, President

Anne Cobbett, Secretary

Sophie Zahariadakis, English Public Relations Director, Conference Co-Chair

Émilie Champagne, French Public Relations Director, Conference Co-Chair

Olivia Balanga-Santos, Internal Communications Coordinator

Ernesto Cáceres, Treasurer

Torwoli Dzuali, Internal Operations Director

2007-2008 First Year Representatives

Jacqueline Bonisteel, Meagan Lepage, Yinka Olusoga, Sarah Sproule, Dorota Turlejski

2006-2007 Executive

Caroline Schulz, Global Generations Conference Co-Chair

Natalie Senst, Global Generations Conference Co-Chair

2005-2006 Executive

Melanie Chenier, Co-President

Becca Murtha, Co-President

Kristal Low, Internal Logistics Coordinator, Conference Co-Chair

Tim Brown, Treasurer, Conference Co-Chair

Dereck Eby, English External Communications Coordinator

Natalie Viau, French External Communications Coordinator

Chanda Tannis, Civil Law Communications Coordinator

Chloe Houle, Civil Law Communications Coordinator

Sophie Zahariadakis, Human Rights Arts Exposition